iPhone 4 declared Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress

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Apple iPhone 4

As we all should know by now, Apple didn’t have any real presence at Mobile World Congress. The show that saw the announcements of a few tablets and Facebook phones had no presence from Cupertino, as is the norm with industry-wide events. That didn’t stop the iPhone 4 from winning a pretty big award, however.

The iPhone 4 walked out of Mobile World Congress with the title of Best Mobile Device, despite never walking in. Now, the iPhone 4 didn’t compete against the phones announced at MWC, or even the fantastic phones announced at CES 2011. The competition for the iPhone 4 was the BlackBerry Torch, HTC Desire, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S. All are solid phones, though some might argue with the choice of the BlackBerry Torch.

Apple’s iPhone 4 won because of it’s Retina Display, design, and ecosystem for developers. The judges exclaimed that “[i]n a tight race, the iPhone 4 builds on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smartphones.” Given the merits of design, display and ecosystem the iPhone 4 shouldn’t have any problem winning the competition. Other manufacturers are just now creating displays that come close to the iPhone 4. I have also yet to see a design I like more, but that’s more subjective than anything else.

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