New York Times claims there is no iPhone nano

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Apple iPhone 4

If you’ve been on the Internet the past week or so, you may have heard the rumors of a smaller, cheaper iPhone hitting the market soon. If you have been waiting and hoping for said phone, I present to you some counter arguments that say such a phone does not exist.

The New York Times says they talked to some people at Apple, including one unnamed senior executive. According to those sources, Apple has no plans on working on a smaller phone. The company’s engineering team is currently working on putting the finishing touches on the next iPhone, what we’ve all assumed will be called the iPhone 5. That iPhone 5 is said to be of similar size to the iPhone 4. Sources did claim that the new model could be made cheaper with a smaller amount of memory and a lower-grade camera.

Apple’s current plan for offering cheaper iPhones is to sell last year’s model at a reduced cost. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to stop doing that. Making a smaller iPhone would cause fragmentation issues like we’ve seen in Android. Apps wouldn’t work well on a smaller screen, and would have to be coded to work on both iPhone version. Steve Jobs himself has spoken out against this problem with Android. Now, people like to point out that Steve Jobs likes to speak out against something and go ahead and do it himself. But, fragmenting your mobile platform is quite a bit different than video on an iPod, and reading books. Offering new things to an existing platform leaves room for failure, risking your mobile platform to fragmentation doesn’t make sense.

That next iPhone might have the free MobileMe we’ve been asking for, though. At the end of the articles the Times claims that Apple is looking into making it free as a way to wirelessly sync media to your phone, and for storage. That would allow Apple to put less storage on the iPhone, which is one of the most expensive components.

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