US Cellular offers up Family-Sized-Buy-One-Phone-Get-Five free deals on LG Optimus U

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US Cellular Android phone deal

If you’re a U.S. Cellular customers and you’ve been wanting to jump into the Android bandwagon, U.S. Cellular is offering you an enticing deal via its Family-Sized-Buy-One-Phone-Get-Five free deal. With the said deal, not only you will have the chance to own a decent-powered Android phone but five of your family members as well. Yes, now is the time to turn your family into Android phone users.

Starting today until March 10, if you buy a Samsung Mesmerize which in case you’re not aware is an Android phone that belongs to the Samsung Galaxy S family, you’ll get up to five LG Optimus U, another nice Android phone for free. If you’re not inclined to get the Samsung Mesmerize, you can opt to get the LG Optimus U for $29.99 and get five more of the said unit also for free. Again for those who are not aware, the Samsung Mesmerize is a pretty decent touchscreen equipped with 1GHz processor, while the LG Optimus U is a nice Android 2.2-powered phone. Both smartphones feature Swype technology.

Now if you don’t want to jump into Android yet for some unknown reasons, U.S. Cellular is offering another deal, this time involving feature phones Samsung Messenger Touch for $29.99 and you’ll get up to five Samsung profiles for free.

If these two deals don’t entice you at all and you would rather get some advanced Android phones, here’s another good news. U.S. Cellular is slashing off $100 dollar from the prices of all its Android phones. These include the HTC Desire for $69.99 and LG Apex for $29.99.

Of course, all of these deals come with the usual U.S. Cellular data plans. So, who’s availing of these packages and which one would you likely get?

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