Archos 8 and Archos 10 HT Android tablets pass through the FCC

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Archos ARNOVA 10HT

Well, look what we have here. It looks like Archos has quietly prepared two new Android tablets as Wireless Goodness spotted these two tablets hitting the FCC tablet for scrutiny. The said Android tablets are currently known as the Archos ARNOVA 10HT and the Archos ARNOVA 8. Obviously, the former has a 10-inch screen display while the later is an 8-incher.

Unfortunately, nothing much is revealed from the FCC documents except for the fact that the Archos ARNOVA 8 might be sporting an 800×600 display with 311MHz ARM processor, 8GB of storage and Android 1.5 OS. If those specs are true, then we can say that this Android tablet will be geared as an entry level Android device which will most probably be marketed as an eBook reader.

Archos Arnova 8

As for the Archos ARNOVA 10HT, no information is known at this time except for the fact that it will most likely be marketed as an Internet tablet since the FCC document is revealing Wi-Fi support.

Anyway, since hitting the FCC is an indication of things to come, we can just wait until Archos officially announce more information about these tablets in the days to come.

via [Wireless Goodness]

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