RIM apparently testing Android apps on BlackBerry

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Android apps on BlackBerry

We’ve already heard that the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook would theoretically be able to run Android apps in addition to BlackBerry apps. Now we have news that seems to indicate that RIM is testing out Android apps on other BlackBerry devices.

ShopSavvy, creators of the popular shopping assistant app of the same name, noticed that a few people in Waterloo, Ontario were using their Android app on decidedly non-Android devices. Specifically, the app was being use on BlackBerry 8300, 8520, and 8600 models throughout January and February. You may remember that RIM is based in Waterloo, so it stands to reason that a someone at RIM HQ has been testing Android apps on BlackBerry devices.

It’s unlikely that Google would approve of having the Android Market on BlackBerry devices, but this is still promising. If nothing else, it could make it much, much easier for Android developers to get their apps to BlackBerry users without having to completely rewrite the code. Of course, the experience would work best on touchscreen BlackBerrys like the Torch, but these are Curves that were used, so there is hope for traditional BlackBerry users. Hopefully RIM will have something to say about this soon.

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