BlackBerry PlayBook will run Android apps, or so says a rep from RIM

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It looks like there is now some additional evidence in terms of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Android apps. The details are coming by way of a PlayBook video that was shot during Mobile World Congress where a representative from RIM states that they “will also support Android apps when we release the Dalvik engine on top of QNX.” And for those not as familiar with Dalvik, this is an open source virtual machine. Of course, what this really seems to mean is that (assuming this actually happens) the PlayBook should have a nice head start at launch. After all, the Android Market is already established. But then again, I am not all that certain that users are simply going to be able to fire up the Android Market and begin downloading apps. Sure the PlayBook may be able to run these apps, but RIM would still need to work a deal with Google in order to have that Market app available. Otherwise the Android app usage would be limited to what users can scavenge in the form of random APK files.

Via [Mobile Monday Rio] and [CrackBerry]

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