Verizon sold 1 million iPhone 4’s, according to analyst report

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Verizon sold 1 million iPhone 4's, according to analyst report

Verizon has yet to officially announce anything in terms of iPhone 4 sales numbers, however there are now analyst reports suggesting they could have sold more than 1 million. The details are coming based in part from a statement from Dan Mead who stated that 60 percent of the iPhone 4 sales were pre-orders. Taking that and going on another analyst estimate that suggested Verizon had 600,000 pre-orders and well, you can see how they may have reached the 1 million mark. Of course, all of this seems like a little bit of fuzzy math, but sadly at this time that is probably the best that is going to happen because Verizon has already stated that they will not be talking sales figures until April when they report their first quarter earnings. So, until April and the official word arrives — Verizon may (or may not have) sold more than 1 million iPhone 4’s.

Via [The Street]

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