Gadgetell Review: RokForm Rokbed aluminum iPhone 4 cover / case

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Gadgetell Review: RokForm Rokbed aluminum iPhone 4 cover case

What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Rokbed Aluminum iPhone 4 cover. This particular model can be purchased from the RokForm website and is currently selling for $79. The model that we had in for review was black/black, however there is also a wide variety of other colors including black/red, black/pink, black/orange and a handful more.

Disclaimer: The Rokbed aluminum iPhone 4 cover was provided to Gadgetell by RokForm for the purpose of this review.

The specs

Sure, talking about ‘specs’ may sound a little strange when talking about an iPhone 4 cover/case, but given the aluminum design some may be looking for things like material and/or weight. That said, the Rokbed is made from 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum and weighs in at 33.5 grams (just over 1 ounce).

My thoughts

Lets start with this, the Rokbed cover is said to offer a “zero grounding precise fit” and true to that description — the case fits solid. In fact it took me a few seconds to convince myself that it actually fit and I was not simply shoving it in asking for trouble later. Of course, I do have a skin on the backside of my iPhone so that may have accounted for the slightly tighter feel when the case was going on. Needless to say, the Rokbed fits the iPhone 4 and fits it well.

Furthermore, as this is a case with openings you can still see the iPhone 4’s design while still being able to use the controls (buttons, headphone jack, dock connector). In fact, the Rokbed seems to add to the overall good look of the phone. And worth noting, these covers are all CNC machined from solid Billet and then “serial numbered as authentic one of a kind Rokform.”

Otherwise, the case is further described as being able to defend against “shocks, drops and movement” and well, having paid in full for my iPhone 4 I was not willing to test that statement. That said, given the rest seems true and accurate, we are going to have to take them on their word.

One interesting, and maybe annoying part came in with the way you put the case on — it required the use of a small allen key wrench. Yup, those two little screws on the bottom of the case really are screws and they hold the case on and in place. Given that, you are not going to be taking this off without having a wrench handy. For most that will likely not be a big deal, but still, it seemed worth mentioning.

The bottom line

Super nice, as I said earlier in the post, the Rokbed case simple made my iPhone 4 look nicer. In the end, this is one that I would gladly purchase for myself and not hesitate to recommend. The only issue that I can see is some may baulk at the price ($79), but then again I (along with most of my friends) are on the frugal side. But seriously, the RokForm Rokbed case is a winner in my opinion.

Product [RokForm Rokbed Aluminum iPhone 4 Cover]

Gadgetell Review: RokForm Rokbed aluminum iPhone 4 cover case
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