Verizon Wireless CFO foreshadows move to tiered data

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It is no surprise that Verizon Wireless plans to move from unlimited data to the less attractive tiered data options. Up until now, it wasn’t known for sure when Verizon would likely make this controversial move, but CFO Fran Shammo shed some light on this issue.

In an announcement directed at investors, Shammo said Verizon Wireless is still working out the details for tiered data, such as whether it will be based on speed or consumption, but that a summer announcement is likely to be the case. Verizon made it a point that the CDMA iPhone 4 would be eligible for unlimited data options, but with the summer season quickly approaching, you might want to be cognizant of the changes that have a strong chance of occurring.

Via [BGR]

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  • Chropmedin

    It is a newest makeover has come of verizon wireless in this time market . Moreover, in other word it is not for long time .