Evernote app for iPhone and iPod gets a massive update

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Evernote iPhone

One of the oldest note-taking app for iPhone and iPod Touch, Evernote finally gets several much needed changes. In case you’re not aware, Evernote was released two years ago and it was one of the launch apps of the now iTunes App Store. Since then, this note-taking app had several minor tweaks and change here and there but it is only now that it is getting this huge updates.

So what are the new changes introduced to the new version of Evernote for iPhone and iPod? First up is the new Home Screen and Snippet View which unifies browsing and note creation in the app’s new home screen. The notes list is also now in Snippet View which maximizes the amount of information that is presented in the small amount of space. In addition, if you are creating a text only note, Evernote will now show the title of the note and as much texts that will fit into the snippet. For image used as note, this is now sliced and displayed in full width.

Another major change is the new note screen which replaces the big home screen tiles. The new note screen is now more functional and can be switched into split screen view where the top half is now the standard text entry are while the lower part can be used to attach images and snapshots, audio, notebooks and tags. In addition, the app also now lets you attach multiple items to a single note.

Other new features of the updated Evernote app for iPhone and iPod include – a new way of browsing notebooks and tags, resource views, enhanced search, and offline notes and notebook reminders.

For more of these changes to Evernote, watch the demo video after the via link.

via [Evernote Blog]

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