Amazon’s Android Appstore to go live this month

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Amazon Appstore If you’re already tired of what you see in the current Google Android Market and the way it behaves right now, well this month you will soon have an alternative. Amazon is said to be launching its own Android app store. According to mobile ad network Millennial Media, the Amazon Android app store was being developed with the hopes of providing an independent distribution channels for Android apps where developers will be able to connect with even more consumers. The said app store is projected to a win-win solution for both developers and Amazon as developers could gain additional exposure while Amazon for its mobile ad efforts.

One issue however that developers may not like as pointed out by Business Insider is the fact that Amazon will be the one to put a price tag on apps. And there are two potential issues here. Whether such pricing system will be beneficial to Amazon or to developers and how Android users will react to such pricing scheme. Hopefully, the Amazon Android App Store will not straw away too far from the current pricing scheme of apps in the Google Android Market, otherwise the Amazon app store might not succeed at all.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think we need an alternative Android App Store aside from the current Android Market?

via [Business Insider], via [Millenial Media]

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