Apple drops iPad 1 to $399

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Ipad price drop

The iPad 2 is set for release next Friday, March 11, but that’s still nine days away. If you still don’t have an iPad, and and don’t think you need to extra speed and FaceTime, Apple has a pretty nice deal for you.

On Apple’s website you can now buy the first iPad start at $399. That’s just $100 less than the 16GB WiFi version was yesterday, but it’s better than nothing. All the previous models have been slashed by $100, so the base WiFi + 3G model is now $529.

We’re not sure if Apple will continue selling the iPad when the iPad 2 comes out, but for now you get a pretty good deal. I wouldn’t expect this to be the same situation as the iPhone, where the previous model is sold for less. It’s more likely that Apple is just selling out the stock of the first iPad. Either way, the first iPad is a bit cheaper now, which is pretty good.

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