Apple brings more iLife to iOS with Garageband for iPad

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Garageband for iPad

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Apple is trying to bring it’s much touted iLife apps to the iPad. During the iPad 2 announcement today Apple took the time to show off it’s newest iLife app for iOS, Garageband.

As Apple has been trying to do with the latest OS X versions of Garageband, Garageband for iPad makes it easy for anyone to make music. The app give you access to virtual keyboards, guitars, basses, drums, pianos, drum machines and synthesizers. You an simply play them are they appear on screen, or in Smart mode. Smart instruments make it easy to play chords or play notes that will sound good together.

Of course, as with the Garageband for OS X, the iPad version will allow you record your own music from previous recordings, loops, and touch instruments. You can play around with the sounds by putting them through various useful and silly filters. You can record your voice and make it sound like you’re in a large room or a small room and if you’re a chipmunk or a robot, for example.

Garageband will make it easier for independent musicians to put together music on the iPad in just one app. It should also be great for those who need to do a lot of voice recording for interviews or podcasts, for example. It will launch in the App Store on the same day as the iPad 2, March 11. Garageband for iPad will run $4.99.

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