T-Mobile offering Sidekick users waived early termination or 50% off “select” Samsung smartphones

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T-Mobile announced that they would be shutting off the data service for the Sidekick on May 31st and at that time they promised to make for the “best possible transition.” Anyway, it seems the details of that transition have come available and well, lets just say that some may have expected a little more. That said, according to the details found in the letter, Sidekick users will have a few options available;

  • Continue using the Sidekick without data service. (You will be able to send and receive calls and text messages.)
  • Decide to cancel your service and get any early termination fee waived from March 31st till May 31st.
  • Get 50% off on “select” Samsung phones.

And what bad news letter from a wireless carrier would be complete without a sales pitch coming at the end. Yup, T-Mobile took a paragraph to remind current Sidekick users that a new Sidekick is coming in the spring of 2011. Of course, the new Sidekick will be the Sidekick 4G and it will be running Android and not in need of the Danger service.

With that, continue on and read the letter in full…

Via [TmoNews]

T-Mobile offering Sidekick users waived early termination or 50 percent off select Samsung smartphones
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