Big brother now tracking your phone in Beijing

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Big brother to track cell phones in ChinaAccording their own website, the Chinese government is looking into tracking its citizens by their phone. Using the data signal, the government is looking to track users in real time. The government holds they will use this information for traffic reporting purposes. In Beijing, cell phone adoption rates hover near 70%.

Movies in the western world are filled with scenes where people tear the battery out of their phone to insure no one is tracing them via the phone’s signal. This might become a reality for people in China wishing to evade being tracked.

The government aims to personally identify each mobile phone signal. The goal is to provide citizens with a customized report on their traffic movements and offer suggestions for a smoother transit experience. Each year, the government would select 50,000 people to take part in the survey to be tracked. It is unclear if cell phone users chosen to partake in the survey can opt out.

Read: [Official Chinese Government (in Chinese)] via [TheNextWeb]

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