Some Samsung Galaxy S II phones will use Tegra 2

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Samsung Galaxy S II will use Tegra 2

It looks like Samsung’s upgrade to the Galaxy S line won’t only be sporting the new Samsung Exynos and Orion chips. Despite the fact that Samsung manufactures it’s own CPUs, it will use chips from other makers as well.

According to Nvidia, some of the Samsung Galaxy S II phones will be powered by the new Tegra 2 CPU. Tegra 2 is the same chip that powers the Motorola Atrix, Xoom and LG Optimus 2X. In fact, if you see any new top-of-the-line Andriod device, it’s most likely running on the dual-core chip from Nvidia. Now Samsung’s phones will be no different. We don’t know which Galaxy S II phones will have the Tegra 2, or when they will be launched, but we know to expect them.

Most smartphones buyers probably won’t know, or care, which CPU is inside their phone, though that doesn’t mean the chipsets aren’t important. Nvidia’s Tegra 2 should be the best available processor for those who like to play graphically intense games. There may not be that many of those on Android, but Nvidia is trying to bring more attention to them. Samsung using the Tegra 2 could mean an increase in the number of graphically complex games in Android since more users will be able to play them better. If not, at least it gives Nvidia more of a foothold in the ARM-based CPU market, which will be nice going forward.

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