Nokia launches the music lover’s phone, X1-00

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Nokia X1-00

Nokia has just introduced a new feature phone – the Nokia X1-00. Retailing for not more than €35, this phone offers maximum boom-per-buck indeed. And that’s because the Nokia X1-00 is geared for the music lovers who simply can’t separate their mobile phone from their music player. Yes, folks the Nokia X1-000 is a music lover’s phone featuring a massive speaker on the back which is even rated at 106phon perceived loudness. An in simple words – the phone’s loudness is simply loud enough. The good thing here is that the frequency response of the sound has been tweaked so that the its sound will not be distorted even at the highest volume.

Since the Nokia X1-00 is a music phone, it naturally has a 3.5mm audio jack where you can plug in either your speakers or headphones. Other features related to its music functionality include – three dedicated player keys, single-key playlist creator, microSD memory card support, and integrated FM radio.

As for its other features and specs not related to music functionality, the Nokia X1-00 features Series 30 OS, calendar, clock and calculator, and preloaded games.

The Nokia X1-00 will be available in either orange or blue color design. It is slated for an early April release in selected markets. Any takers?

via [Nokia Conversations]

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