Microsoft Kinect: fastest selling device in history

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Microsoft Kinect: fastest selling device

With over 10 million units sold since its launch last November, Microsoft’s Kinect is now the fastest selling device in recorded history according to Guinness World Records. The Kinect’s sales have even topped the likes of Apple’s iPad and iPhone making it one heck of an accessory (considering the fact that each unit sold is adding $200 to the price of an Xbox 360 console already sold).

“We can confirm that no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector,” said Gaz Davies, editor of Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition.

It’s good to see that even an accessory can have such an impact on the gaming world. Besides, it’s always fun when you can get the whole family involved in some sort of physical activity (even if it happens to require the use of a television). With all things considered, the Kinect is a strategic counter attack to everything the Wii stands for. Microsoft has essentially added the entire Wii experience to their console by adding a motion sensor device (all the while keeping their robust game library). Now, both casual and serious users can enjoy the various gaming experiences the Xbox has to offer.

So how’s about that Playstation Move?

Via [BBC]

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  • Caricature

    I like the Move a little better than the Kinect, so this statistic is bizaar!

  • Tarun Kunwar

    What is it that you like about the Move?