Apple iPad 2 quickly goes from 3-5, to 5-7 to 2-3 weeks in terms of shipping time

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Apple iPad 2

Did Apple really get so many online orders of the iPad 2 or is this just a ploy to spark interests from prospective buyers to head over to Apple Stores and authorized distributors before 5 pm today? This is because after a few hours of opening up online orders of the iPad 2, the Apple Store has changed the shipping date for these online orders to 2-3 weeks from the earlier shipping time of 3-5 days. That is after the shipping date was earlier changed to 5-7 days.

So this means that Apple has already surpassed its quota for the first batch of delivery of the iPad 2 purchased online. Judging from the rate that Apple has changed the shipping time, it’s either that Apple has alloted not enough units of iPad 2 for online orders or the demand was really that high.

Anyway, if you still have time to visit your nearest Apple Store, Best Buy or WalMart outlets where the iPad 2 will be put out on sale, I suggest you do so now If you want to get the iPad 2 as soon as possible. Getting it from the online Apple Store will simply put you into a lot of stress due to long waiting time. Good luck in getting the iPad 2 today, folks!

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