All Cr-48 notebooks have been shipped “for now”

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Google Chrome CR-48

For those of us “unlucky” Google fans who signified interests in getting the sample units of Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebooks, well sorry to break the news but it looks like Google has stopped shipping them. This was confirmed via a tweet posted by Google’s VP of Product Management, Sundar Pichai saying that shipment of the Cr-48s to chosen users is done. Google is now finalizing the commercial release of the said Chrome Notebook in the coming months.

The good news is, the Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook should be ready for commercial release from the US market this summer. As a reminder, Mr. Pichai said that both Acer and Samsung will be the first manufacturers who will be releasing the Chrome-powered laptops. What is not clear however is whether these notebooks will be available to the international market the soonest time possible as well. If you can recall, this was rumored earlier but when the review units of Cr-48 started coming to selected users, the rumor about its international release simply died down.

So until then, the question now is will the Cr-48 get ample interests enough to translate into good sales now that the market seems to be more excited more about tablet devices than notebooks and laptops? Better yet, are planning to get the Cr-48 once it becomes available to the public?

Via [The Chrome Resource]

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  • Jish

    The CR-48 units will never actually be on sale. CrOS devices will be but not the CR-48.

    Just thought I would clear that up.