Apple keeping NFC out of iPhone until 2012?

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Word is coming out of the UK that Apple will be passing on adding NFC (near field communication) as a way to make purchases until at least iPhone 6. According to sources, NFC isn’t ready for a mass-adopted phone. Despite this assertion, Android is brewing in NFC compatibility so manufacturers and carriers can begin implementing the technology ASAP.

NFC brings the simplicity of waving a device over a pad equipped to received the coded payment information. It is believed that Apple will infuse it’s NFC with the simplicity of iTunes payments, putting more market power in their hands. Market power and a small fee, we’re sure.

These claims on Apple’s lack of NFC until 2012 are said to be from several mobile operators in the UK. Said one, “The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry.”

If we’re to believe rumors, so far iPhone 5 is shaping up to be a sleeper: no 4G and now no NFC. Could Apple be making missteps as Android takes the mass-market lead?

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