Google awards $60 million bonus to top execs

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On Friday, in its regulatory filing, Google made public as much as $22 million was awarded to one employee of the company. These bonuses were rewards for Google’s financial performance over the last year. For Google, profits rose 30% to $8.5 billion as revenue climbed to $29.3 billion.

Four Google executives qualified for the executive bonus plan. CFO Patrick Pichette received $2.7 million in cash and equity equal to $15 million. Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora went home with a $2.7 million check and equity grant of $20 million. Alan Eustace, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Research received $1.8 million bonus and $10 million in equity while Johnathan Rosenberg ,Senior Vice President was on the low end with $1.7 million and $5 million in equity. Not a bad day at the office.

All this makes one thing very clear: Google’s got lots of cash and I really need to do a better job negotiating my bonuses.

Read: [Wall Street Journal]

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