T-Mobile announces new mobile broadband data plans

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T-Mobile mobile broadband

Even with most smartphones now offering mobile hotspot carriers continue to offer mobile broadband fo those who need it. Today T-Mobile unveiled it’s new offerings for mobile broadband, complete with a discount for existing T-Mobile customers.

The new plans start out at a measly 200 MB for $29.99 per month. From there there’s a 5 GB plan which will run $49.99. If you need more, T-Mobile offers up to 10 GB for $85.99 per month, which isn’t exactly cheap at $5.99 per month more than Verizon’s 10 GB plan for the iPad 2. All of the plans also give you unlimited access to T-Mobile hotspots if you can find them. For T-Mobile voice customers the prices are cut by 20 percent.

The two higher priced plans are “overage free,” which is nice. That means that T-Mobile won’t cut you off at 5 and 10 gigabytes. What it does mean is that after those caps T-Mobile can start throttling your data speeds. There’s no guarantee that you will be throttled, but it’s a possibility once you go over the cap. T-Mobile will likely only throttle your connection if you’re slowing down the network for others. So, try not to use you mobile broadband connection for torrents. Not only will you be more likely to be throttled, they also won’t download all that quickly.

Read [T-Mobile] Via [Eletronista]

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  • edjoysed

    Come on TMobile – Let's be the first to offer what the future is requiring. I have a family of 4 using phones. We cannot possibly upgrade to smart phones at $50 each. That's $200 per month! NOT counting the cable or DSL internet access at home base. (200 Mb per month entry … that'll never do.) Every phone / internet provider MUST bring their prices down for USA to compete in the world. Please find a way, because you're the best….!