Verizon makes calls and texts to Japan free until April 10

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Following the disasters in Japan another major carrier has made it easier on the wallet to communicate with friends and family in the country. Verizon is offering not just mobile calls and texts to Japan for free, but a few others services to help those who might need them.

Until April 10 it will be free to send of receive calls or SMS messages to those in Japan. That goes not just for Verizon Wireless customers, those who use Verizon for a landline will also be able to call without paying and without using minutes in company’s world calling plan. The free phone calls also extend to prepaid phone cards so you don’t have to worry about using minutes on your prepaid phone either.

Even if you don’t need to call someone in Japan, Verizon is offering TV Japan to all FiOS users for free until April 10. The channel usually comes with an an additional fee, but for the next few weeks you’ll be able to get the latest news from Japan without having to wait for one of the other news networks to cover it. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Japanese, because from what I can tell on the station’s website, shows are available in both Japanese and English.

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