Qik Video Connect brings another video chat option to iOS

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Qik Video Connect

Until now there have really only been two options for video chat on the iPhone or iPod touch: FaceTime and Skype. Today Qik (which was recently purchased by Skype) announced that it’s bringing a third way to video chat on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Qik’s newest app, Qik Video Connect, brings video chat over WiFi, 3G, and 4G (presumably through the use of a 4G mobile hotspot). Like Skype, Qik Video Connect isn’t restricted by platform, so you can chat with your friends that use Qik no matter what platform they’re on. If your friends aren’t signed into Qik, you can send them video messages through email and SMS in the app as well.

Video chat isn’t the only thing Qik is bringing. With the new app you’ll be able to stream live video from wherever you are (assuming you have a data connection of some sort). You can post links to the video on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can see exactly what you’re seeing. It’s the same Qik video we’ve seen before, but the social features are nice.

There are two versions of Qik Video Connect, a free version and a $3 version. The paid plus version gives you the ability to use real-time video effects, edit your videos after they’re uploaded, and the option to post HD video.

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