Netflix app for Android leaks, probably not what everyone is hoping for just yet

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There has been talk about Netflix coming to Android for quite some time now, and in the past we had heard that it was going to debut with the LG Revolution smartphone. Well, in a little truth to that rumor, a system dump of the Revolution has recently surfaced online and guess what it contained — the Netflix app. In other words, the Netflix APK file for Android has been leaked for any and all to download and TRY to use. But before you get super excited and skip the rest of this post, notice the highlight on the try portion — the app will likely not work properly on your device. According to the details given, the app installs just fine and even lets you check the movies in your instant queue, however when you try and play something that is where the fun stops.

Via [Droid-Life] and [Netflix.apk]

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