HTC Thunderbolt device accessories revealed, include multimedia dock, wireless charger & more

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I guess the fact that we had so many leaks involving the HTC Thunderbolt this seems only fitting — the device was officially announced and now we have leaked about the accessories. That said, it looks like the Thunderbolt will have goodies including a multimedia dock, wireless charging battery door, regular spare battery and an extended battery.

  • Multimedia dock — $59.99, Docks your phone in landscape mode and “triggers multimedia menu when docked.” The multimedia dock also has a slot to charge a spare standard (or extended) battery.
  • Wireless Charging Battery Cover — $39.99
  • Spare battery — $39.99, 1400 mAh battery
  • Extended battery (with battery door cover) — $49.99, 2750mAh battery

In addition there was also a few other goodies such as cases and other protectors. With that, no specific mention as to when these will go on sale, however it seems safe to think that they will be in-store (and online) when the Thunderbolt goes on sale on the 17th.

Via [Phandroid]

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