Asus netbook costing $200-250 to arrive by June

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Asus netbooks

Can Asus still revive its fading glory in the netbook market, especially now that Android tablets have become hotter than netbooks? I mean, what could Asus possibly do? After all, netbooks are almost of the same functionality as tablets but consumers seem to be more vent at getting tablets instead of netbooks. How about, coming out with an Asus netbook at dirt cheap price? As in – $200-$250 cheap?

Well, that’s what Asustek is reportedly planning to do according to Digitimes. Said sub $200 netbook, which has been the dream of many netbook fans might finally come into fruition by June. According to the report, there is a huge chance that this might push through since Asustek wants to achieve its goal of shipping six million netbooks this year. At the rate that they are going right now, it looks like this might be difficult to achieve. And so the need for the dirt cheap Asus netbook.

So what do you think, folks? Can Asustek pull this one off and re-established itself in the netbook market again? Or better yet, can Asus revive interests on netbooks?

via [Digitimes], product [Asus]

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  • Prasad

    $200 is a nice quote. I think every company can sell with this price!

  • Ponting

    It's a good news to get the Asus Netbook Computer at such an interesting price.