Google updates Latitude app for iPhone, adds 30 languages to Google Places

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Google Latitude for iPhone

Google has just made two important updates to its Latitude app for iPhone as well as Google Places. Not only can you see where your Latitude friends are on the map as well as share you location with them using Latitude iPhone app but you can now also check in at specific places. For Android users, you may recall that this check in feature was made available earlier.

Of course it goes without saying that if you use the check in feature of Latitude for iPhone, you’re friends can now easily find out when you checked out to a specific places. That case they would know if you’re still there in case they want to meet you. To use this feature, you just tap the “check in” button to start checking in at nearby places. Similar with Foursquare, the more you check in to the same place will gain you special statuses such as Regular, VIP until you become the Guru. For those checkin in to places in Texas, you’ll also be able to gain various offers at more than 60 places. Using Latitude for iPhone’s check in feature is also 100% opti-in, so if you mind your privacy, you can always opt not to use this feature.

The new version of Latitude for iPhone is available now from the App Store. If you have the app installed before you can just hit up the update button to get the app’s latest version. And while you’re at it, you might also wan to check if Google Places app is already available in your language. Google has already updated the app to support 30 more languages.

via [Google Mobile Blog]

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