Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 announced

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Opera Mobile Browser

Opera has just announced the latest versions of two of its mobile browsers – Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mobile Mini. In case you’re not aware, Opera Mobile 11 is the mobile browser meant for Android, Symbian and Meego smartphones while Opera Mini is the version for used specifically by smartphones with slower platform. As such the Opera Mini compresses date before rendering it to your phone to speed up your browsing time.

In addition, the new version of Opera Mobile 11 fully supports HTML5 and offers fast, powerful web browsing if your smartphone is running on unlimited Internet data plan or on Wi-Fi. While the Opera Mini browser is best used for phone on pay-as-yo-go plan as it reduces the date consumer by your phone when browsing the web.

As for the new features of these two mobile web browsers, both now have improved scrolling, panning and zooming capabilities, pinch-to-zoom for devices that support this, share button for posting to Twitter, Facebook, My Opera and vKontakte, and most especially these browsers also now support tablet devices and are in fact optimized with a brand new interface.

If you’re looking for an alternative browser for your smartphones or tablets, you might want to give either the Opera Mobile 11 or Opera Mini 6 a try.

via [Opera]

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