AT&T Android devices will have Amazon Appstore access soon

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ATT logo The Amazon Appstore opened for business earlier this week. It provides all kinds of apps for Android devices much like how the Android Market does now. The Amazon Appstore is just an alternative way to purchase apps. On the development side, Amazon puts each app through a week-long approval process to determine if the app is worthy of a place in the Appstore. Competition is always good, but AT&T customers can’t use the Amazon Appstore – not yet at least.

If you visit the Amazon Appstore and click on an app, you’ll see a bullet point that says “AT&T is working on enabling purchases from the Amazon Appstore in the near future.” AT&T doesn’t allow non-Android Market apps from running on its Android devices. Since the Android operating system is typically an open platform, AT&T is quite odd for disabling this feature. However, the carrier will eventually grant the Amazon Appstore access to its devices.

AT&T set up a website where you can input your device and email address in order to receive information as to when the Amazon Appstore will be available.

Amazon provides an app of its own that enables customers to use the Appstore. A link to this app is provided the first time a purchase is attempted. The app can’t be found in the official Android Market.

Let’s hope AT&T lifts that restriction soon. Countless customers are missing out on Amazon’s offer of one free premium app for every day of the week. Today’s free app is Doodle Jump.

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  • davidhuges

    This is really none of Google's business. If you wanted to have an app store and have developers build for your store you can do it. Android is open source. The "Android Market" specifically belongs to Google. That's about it…!