Gadgetell Review: RokForm Rokstand adjustable desktop stand

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Gadgetell Review: RokForm Rokstand adjustable desktop stand

What is being reviewed?

We recently reviewed the Rokbed iPhone 4 cover / case and today we are following up with the Rokstand adjustable desktop stand. This product is also made by RokForm and while the cover/case and stand can be used independently, they do look rather nice when paired together. Looks aside though, the Rokstand adjustable desktop stand is available from the RokForm website and it is currently selling for $169. In terms of colors, we have the matte black in for review, however there is a rather wide variety of colors available including black, silver, pink, navy, black/gold, black/cherry and bronze.

Disclaimer: The Rokstand adjustable desktop stand was provided to Gadgetell by RokForm for the purpose of this review.

The specs

  • All CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum with Anodized finish.
  • Precision High speed bearing and cam adjustment.
  • Soft rubber Contact surface rings provide a soft feel and non slip performance.
  • Built in Sound enhancing speaker ports.
  • Works with Standard iPhone 4 charger plug.
  • Charges while on the stand in portrait.
  • Holds iPhone in landscape or portrait.
  • 6 angles of adjustment

And in addition to working with the iPhone 4, the Rokstand also works rather nicely with the iPad (in landscape or portrait), which in my case happens to be the original iPad.

My thoughts

Lets just say this, the stand looks rather (for lack of a better word) — impressive. Of course, when you are buying a $169 iDevice stand that is made of aluminum and comes with its own unique serial number then I guess impressive is probably what you should have be expecting. Anyway, while I did use the Rokstand to prop up my iPad a few times, my primary use was with my iPhone 4. That said, and aside from the good looks and quality design, the Rokstand has a very mechanical look. But that we liked. A few perks of the stand that we liked included;

  • the two little speaker cut-outs on the front of the stand which meant you could still listen to your audio or talk on speaker phone without having a muffled sound,
  • and the way the charging cable mounted in place. The cable slips in a pre-cut slot and holds in place by two tension screws.

Otherwise, the pre-determined 6 angles seemed to cover all basis in terms of viewing angles, though we suppose that could vary a little depending on desk setup and/or person.

The bottom line

What can we really say, the Rokstand looks nice and was nice to have sitting on our desk. But in reality, while nicely designed and even with the little touches that made it seem well thought out and well made — its still just a place to dock your iPhone when at your desk. Of course, if you are willing to part with $169 for the sake of not having your iPhone sitting on your desk — then we would suggest going with the Rokstand. Simply put, it looks cool and given how it is made, it should long outlast your iPhone 4.

Product [RokForm Rokstand V.1 Adjustable Desktop Stand]

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