Spot kiosks give Redbox a run for its money

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Spot Kiosk The pricing models that were put in place by video stores have died. Gone are the likes of Blockbuster and Hollywood video. Services such as Netflix, Hulu and others provide access to thousands of movies and television shows for the price of a couple new rentals from video stores of the past. Redbox has taken up the task of providing customers with DVDs and Blu-rays in popular locations such as McDonalds and Walmart. Spot is the new kid on the block, and it’s undercutting Redbox’s prices.

Spot kiosks are only available in parts of California at the moment. It works very similarly to Redbox. A user inserts a debit or credit card into the kiosk at the rate of $1 for a single DVD or Blu-ray movie. The rental price is good for a full day. Alternatively, customers can rent two movies at one time for only $0.89 per disc for 24 hours. New customers are limited to two rentals, but repeating customers can rent up to five movies at once.

Spot claims its advantages over Redbox include its kiosk’s storage capacity and the price for rentals. Redbox charges $1 for DVD rentals (24 hours) and $1.50 for Blu-rays. Spot also claims its kiosks can carry twice as many discs as Redbox (around 1,400 spaces), and dispenses disc’s substantially faster than Redbox. Spot kiosks have a slot dedicated to returning discs.

Redbox has one advantage over Spot. Certain Redbox kiosks have videogames available to rent for $2 per night.

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