Facebook relaunches Questions for quick polling of friends on trivial matters

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Facebook Questions

Facebook just announced the second coming of its previously released Questions service. Facebook Questions was put into a test by selected users during the summary and so now Facebook announcing that it is now available to everyone. In case you’re not aware, Facebook Questions is somewhat similar to Yahoo! Answers and the recently much-talked about Quora.

Facebook Questions lets post a question and allow your friends to answer. You can supply answers which your friends can select or you can let them post their own answers which in turn can be selected by your other friends who are about to answer your question. In other words, Questions lets you create a quick poll with your Facebook friends as respondents. However, since your friends’ friends will see this, they too can post their answer to your questions – hereby expanding the coverage of your “mini survey” beyond your network of friends.

This new service is of course Facebook way of answering users’ needs as they noticed that users have been consistently posting questions on their account walls with the hopes of getting advices and tips about any topics.

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