Ovum predicts Android will help double the smartphone market in four years

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Ovum A research firm by the name of Ovum published a press release today that outlines its predictions for the smartphone market over the next few years. By 2016, Ovum believes smartphones powered by the Android operating system will account for 38% of the smartphone market. This will put Android well ahead of Apple iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry OS.

Android is expected to dominate because the OS is not limited to one set of devices. Smartphone manufacturers from all over the world can adopt Android to power their devices. Android also has the advantage of being available on phones at various price points. Android will be utilized by less knowledgeable consumers and die-hard Android loyalists alike.

Apple iOS will be second to Android, claiming 17.5% of overall smartphone market share. Windows Phone 7 will take 17.2% and Blackberry OS will be last with 16.5%.

Microsoft’s recent deal with Nokia will help propel the adoption rate of Windows Phone 7 smartphones. At the same time, the number of Symbian-powered phones will likely fall.

Ovum expects smartphone shipments around the world to reach 653 million units by 2016. Of that number, 40% of mobile phones shipped will be smartphones. The leading markets will be located in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

Ovum also expects another operating system to achieve success. Ovum mentions WebOS, MeeGo and Bada as potential candidates.

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