BlackBerry 6 now available for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330 with US Cellular

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BlackBerry 6.0 update

It’s software update time for U.S. Cellular as the company is releasing updated OS versions of three of its smartphone offerings – the Samsung Mesmerize, BlackBerry Curve 9330 and BlackBerry Bold 9650. In case you’re not aware, the Samsung Mesmerize is U.S. Cellular’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S phone. The said device is finally getting Android 2.2 Froyo update. And in case this is your first time to use an Android 2.2 device, be glad because the OS update will make web browsing faster on your smartphone. Additionally, you’re Samsung Mesmerize will also get Microsoft Exchange support, mobile hotspot capability and support for Adobe Flash.

Aside from the Samsung Mesmerize, the BlackBerry Curve 9330 and BlackBerry Bold 9650 are also getting updates to BlackBerry OS 6.0. This will make the two BlackBerry devices get a more fluid design, simplified setup, social feeds and views, media player, universal search and of course faster web browsing. How to get these updates for your specific smartphones? Just hit the respective product links below and start updating.

Product [BlackBerry 6.0] Via [Intomobile], product [Samsung Mesmerize update]

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