Rdio for iOS gets small but welcomed update

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Rdio for iOS gets small but welcomed update

The Rdio app for iOS has just been updated. The latest update is a smaller one, just a point release that brings the version up to 1.0.2. That said, while just a smaller update and with just a few items listed in the “what’s new” section in the App Store — it still seems like an update that will be welcomed. The changes include;

  • Fixed occasional hanging and crashing during playback
  • Fixed album release dates
  • Improved syncing controls
  • Added playlist refresh feature

With that, I also have a confession to make, despite being a long time fan and supporter of Slacker Radio, I have been cheating. Just yesterday I fired up the App Store on my iPhone and downloaded the Rdio app and set up a trial account. So far, I must say I like, and at this point can see myself becoming a subscriber. But before I get ahead of myself, let me run with Rdio for a week or so and report back.

And as to why I finally decided to give Rdio a good look. Two reasons really, the first being that Slacker has been promising on-demand listening for quite a while and I am tired of waiting. But probably more important — I could no longer ignore the buzz and positive comments from others in the blogosphere.

Via [Rdio (App Store link)]

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