Amazon digital locker service rumored to be released very soon

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Digital media purchases from Amazon and other merchants could be headed to the cloud. CNET reports that Amazon is ready to pull the trigger on a new digital locker service that will house music, books and movies. Amazon is also reportedly allowing content that wasn’t purchased on its site to be stored on its servers as well.

This information came from CNET sources who claim Amazon is in talks with music labels and film studios about a digital locker service. The lockers will be stored in the cloud (also known as Amazon’s servers), which will make it possible for users to access their media from anywhere an internet connection is present. Cloud services are also beneficial because consumers can interact with their purchased content from more than one device without worrying about hard drive space.

Amazon is reportedly not finished securing all the licenses from its various partners, but that won’t keep it from announcing the service anyway. It is believed that Amazon wants to beat Google with an announcement before Google Music is released publicly.

CNET also reported that Google Music is being tested out by Google employees. A release window isn’t known because Google is still negotiating with record labels. Google apparently wants the right to allow users to upload music they current have to Google Music. If negotiations prove to be successful, Google Music will be a place where anyone can access their music libraries from a multitude of devices.

Via [CNET]

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