The Aircell Smartphone is airplane friendly

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Aircell smartphone Riding in airplanes is one of the only times when an individual will willingly turn off their mobile phone. It’s not like they have much of a choice as that is the rule on most commercial flights. Still, the moment the plane touches the ground, everyone frantically reaches for their phones to see how the world had changed since they went offline. Regular people will continue to live in cellular limbo while flying, but business types can get the Aircell Smartphone and talk freely in-flight.

So why can the Aircell Smartphone make in-flight calls when other phones can’t? Here’s what the FCC had to say in that regard.

Upon review of the extensive record in this proceeding, we are persuaded that Aircell has sufficiently shown that unique circumstances exist which justify a limited waiver of section 22.925 and that a strict application of the Commissioner’s rule prohibiting the airborne use of cellular telephones would be contrary to public interest.

The Aircell Smartphone permits users to make and receive phone calls on business airplanes. That means you probably won’t see this phone being used by regular blue collar people. Even though it doesn’t look like it, the Aircell Smartphone runs on the Android operating system. We aren’t sure which version of Android is controlling things behind the scenes.

The Aircell Smartphone also has a surprisingly large 3.8-inch touchscreen. It also has standard features such as Bluetooth connectivity and a headphone jack. Despite running on Android, Aircell claims the phone is really easy to learn.

A price hasn’t been announced for the Aircell Smartphone yet. It is expected to be released in late 2011.

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