Stick your tablet on the wall with RingO’s mounting system

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RingO Vogel’s announced a product today that can be seen as creative or just plain silly. The RingO universal tablet mounting system will be available internationally (aka the US) in late April. When it is released, prices will range from $69.99 for the Starter Pack to $99.99 for the Car Pack.

RingO supports tablets such as the iPad, iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There currently isn’t any support for the Motorola Xoom, but Vogle’s will announce more mounting solutions for other tablets eventually.

The idea behind the RingO is simple. Should you want to watch something on your tablet, but don’t have the means to hold it, RingO is used to mount the tablet to the wall. The RingO cover snaps onto the back of the tablet. The RingO cover also has a circular impression on its back that different mounts can fit into. One mount puts the tablet on the wall, another mount connects to a car seat and the flexible mount can position the tablet at different angles.

So how does your tablet actually stick on the wall? Well you can either screw the mount into a surface, or buy the adhesive mount. The wall mount allows for 360 degrees of movement, though it wouldn’t be unusual if you feel uneasy about your iPad’s safety in this predicament.

I can see the practical use for the car mount. In the event that the tablet does fall, it’s not likely to break in the car. Also, it can provide great backseat entertainment for the kiddos.

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