Estimates say almost 3 million Nook Colors have shipped

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Getting hard numbers on eReader sales can be tough, nobody wants to give hard numbers on how many they sold. We still don’t have any exact numbers, but Digitimes is giving an estimate as to how many Nook Colors Barnes & Noble has been able to ship.

According to Digitimes, which talked to parts suppliers for the Nook Color, Barnes & Noble has shipped about 3 million units of the eReader. That number would give the Nook Color over 50 percent of the iPad-competitor market, which says a lot about the competition and the iPad itself. Of course, shipment estimates don’t mean nearly as much as units sold. Barnes & Noble doesn’t seem to have the $250 tablet on back-order, so it should be safe to say that the number sold is a bit less than 3 million.

Barnes & Noble has said that the Nook Color was it’s best selling product of the 2010 holiday season, and that’s probably the best we’ll get out of the company for now. With the upcoming update that brings apps and Flash we could see more sales of the device. It’s stil the best inexpensive iPad-competitor out there, and that update will only make it stronger.

Read [Digitimes] via [VentureBeat]

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