Amazon launches Cloud Player, stream music to your computer or Android

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Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon just beat Apple and Google at their own game with the launch of Cloud Player and Cloud Drive. Amazon is letting customers upload music to their Cloud Drive and play it back by using Cloud Player on the web or with an Android app.

Amazon’s service works like this: every Amazon customer is given the use of Cloud Drive with 5 GB of free data. Whenever you buy an MP3 or album from Amazon you are given the option to save it either to your computer or Cloud Drive. When you save it to the Cloud Drive you can play the song or album on any browser using Cloud Player or on an Android device using the Cloud Drive app. If you buy an MP3 album any time this year you are given an upgrade to 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage. That storage can also be used to store music not from Amazon MP3, just upload it to you Cloud Drive and it’ll show up in Cloud Player. Cloud Drive can also store any other files, just like Dropbox but without the sharing.

The best part about all of this? Unless you choose to upgrade to a larger Cloud Drive the service is free. The upgrades are paid once a year, so it’s not even a monthly fee. Amazon just solved the biggest problem with music on Android, syncing. Now there is no need for syncing. If your’e like me and like to buy music over user subscription services lik Rdio or Pandora, this is fantastic news. Even if you don’t need music on your Android device, it’s great for those who use secondary computers like a MacBook Air or Cr-48, no more worries about music taking up storage, or not having access to storage for your music. Now if only Amazon would create an iOS app for Cloud Player.

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