LauncherPro for Android gets an update, brings new features including Gmail widget

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LauncherPro for Android gets an update, brings new features including Gmail widget

LauncherPro, the launcher replacement app for Android has recently been updated. This newest release brings the version up to 0.8.4 and with that comes some new features for both Plus and Free users. In terms what each group can expect, here is the list of new features for Plus users;

  • Facebook login (for the Facebook widget) is now handled through the official Facebook app where available. This should help people with low DPI devices who were having throuble logging in before.
  • Updated the Twitter API backend to fix some issues that some people were having with status updates.
  • New Gmail widget! (Side note: Oh boy, this widget has been giving me lots of trouble to code. Since there’s no officially supported Gmail API in Android, there’s pretty much no documentation whatsoever on it). You can choose the source Gmail account, so you if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can have a widget for each one of them. My intention was to have the widget simply open conversations in the official Gmail app when you click on them, but unfortunately 3rd party apps are not allowed to open that part of the Gmail app directly, so I had to create my own internal viewer to view them. It’s not as full-featured as the official app but it should be enough for most users. Replying to emails is handled by the official Gmail app (we can launch that part of it from 3rd party apps).

And for the LauncherPro Free users;

  • Gingerbread fixes and improvements. The 3D app drawer has been fixed to work properly on Gingerbread. Other tweaks should provide much improved graphics performance (smoothness) on Gingerbread as well.
  • New homescreen transition effects: “Flip” and “Rotate 2″. The old “Flip” effect is now named “Flip 2″. If anybody can come up with better names for these transitions, I’m open to suggestions

Lastly, for those wanting to check out the Plus version who have remained on the free version because they did not like the PayPal upgrade method — rest assured because LauncherPro Plus “will soon be available to buy through the Android Market.” And my 2 cents for those who have never used LauncherPro, I run it (LauncherPro Plus) on an older Droid Eris as a replacement to HTC Sense and have to say the performance and features that it offers are great.

Via [Twitter @fedecarnales] and [LauncherPro]

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  • Phillip

    I just downloaded Launcher Pro and upgraded to the plus version. I am trying to set up my doc so that the camera is available as a shortcut. Problem is I cant find a camera shortcut in the menu. There is an icon for it but no shortcut. Can someone help?