Mozilla releases Firefox 4 for Android

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Firefox 4 for Android

Just on week after the successful launch of Firefox 4 for desktops, Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox 4 for Android. The browser brings the customizability of the desktop version to mobile and some interesting syncing features.

Syncing is potentially the biggest feature of Firefox 4 for Android. The browser will sync your bookmarks, history, passwords and open tabs with the desktop version. If you have a tab open on your PC that you want to view on your phone, just tap a button on the home screen to select the tab. As you’d expect with any Firefox release, Firefox 4 for Android has Personas built in so you can change the theme of the browser to suit your mood. The customization extends to add-ons as well, developers will be able to release add-ons for the mobile browser just like the desktop version. Firefox 4 for Android also includes the “Awesome Bar” from the desktop version so the URL bar is also your search bar, which really is how it should be on every browser.

Also of note is the fact that Firefox 4 for Android eschews Flash for HTML5. Like the desktop version, the mobile browser supports HTML5 including location, device orientation, accelerometer, and desktop notifications. Perhaps Flash will be supported via an add-on of some sort, but the browser by default only has HTML5 support. That might make it a good option for regular browsing that doesn’t need Flash, especially if you use Firefox as your main desktop browser.

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