Evernote unveils a shiny new web interface

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Evernote Wed redesign

Over the past few months Evernote as been at work redesigning the interface for all platforms. Today’s update brings a fancy new interface to the web version of Evernote that brings it more in line with the desktop apps.

If you’ve used the Mac or Windows Evernote apps you’ll feel right at home with the new web design. The web app is split into three panels, notebooks on the far left, notes in a list in the middle panel, and the individual note you’re reading or writing on the far right. The web version now let’s users interact more with the content, so you can now stack notebooks simply buy dragging and dropping them. There’s also autosave, which is a bit overdue for the web version. Overall the features of the web version are essentially the same as those in the desktop apps.

One interesting new feature is that Evernote on the web let’s you share notes with your friends on Facebook. Now you don’t need to know email addresses to share your information, or you can make sure all of your friends see your notes. Eventually you’ll be able to even share your notes via Twitter. Of course you can also still email the content to others, or just send them a link directly to the note or notebook. Evernote will be putting this feature into all the other versions soon, but for now it’s only on the web.

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