Home Premiere video on-demand service launch this month

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Unknown Major movies studios such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony and Universal are ready to release a new video on-demand service at the end of April. The service is called Home Premiere and it offers movie rentals for films that have been in theaters for two months. Each movie will cost $30 to rent for 48 to 72 hours. This VOD service is meant to grab customers who would have missed new movies as soon as they were released in theaters.

DirecTV will launch the service to all of its customers first. Comcast will roll out Home Premiere in select cities before making the service national. Among the films that will be around for the launch of Home Premiere are Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Unknown starring Liam Neeson.

You may be wondering why anyone will pay $30 to rent one movie two months after it’s released in theaters. I believe Home Premiere is best used as an alternative to traditional movie going that involves at least two people. In my city, two movie tickets for adults costs around $20 total. If I planned to buy popcorn and a drink, the total price for the night rises to over $30. In some places, paying for parking is also a factor in determining the cost in going to a theater.

At the same time, some movies make it to the $1 theaters within two months.

Home Premiere can also be used for movie nights among a group of people. If three people put in $10 each, they’ll be spending less than they would at a theater. Plus, the food will be free.

Movie theater owners aren’t too happy about Home Premiere because they feel it could irreversibly alter how people view theaters. The National Association of Theater Owners also believes piracy could increase because of Home Premiere. It also feels this puts more pressure on movies to make more money in a shorter period of time.

Via [Variety]

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