Amazon may be getting into mobile payments

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NFC payment Near-field-communication technology has become a hot topic lately. This technology can be implemented into phones to create a digital wallet. Instead of using cash or whipping out the plastic, customers could wave their phones in front of a scanner in the checkout line to complete transactions. Funds are automatically deducted from their account, and it only takes a second. Since we’re always walking around with phone in-hand anyway, NFC-based payments can be very convenient. Google and Apple are believed to be working on NFC software for their mobile operating systems and now Amazon has joined the fray.

Bloomberg reports that sources familiar with the matter revealed details to them. The Amazon Payments division of the company is allegedly thinking about creating a NFC service. Amazon is already an expert in digital retail and wants to expand its reach into physical stores by way of mobile payments.

A few days ago, Google was rumored to also be developing an application that would allow Citigroup and Mastercard card carriers to make payments using their phones. That technology is said to be early in development. Apple is also believed to be working on this too.

Amazon is doing things that is putting the company in direct competition with Google and Apple. Amazon released its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player before Google and Apple could release their cloud services. Amazon is also getting positive reception for its Amazon Appstore. If mobile commerce really is the future, Amazon will be right up there with software and hardware giants.

Via [Bloomberg]

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  • jemiehow

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  • Joao Rostli

    Contactless payments not more than fragmented experiments at the moment. But Google has announced that American Eagle ,The Container Store, Foot Locker, Guess, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, OfficeMax, NJ transit and Toys’R’Us participates the full Google Wallet ‘SingleTap’ solution. Certainly working hard to be far ahead of ISIS, when they start next year. For a realistic view of whats possible today with NFC enabled handsets. more a warning guide. It's about how limited NFC is at the moment. You also find lists with available NFC enabled Phones.