Google exploits April Fool’s Day with Gmail Motion

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Gmail Motion

You didn’t think Google was too uptight to have a little fun did you? Google went out of its way to create an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. The funny thing is, it isn’t so outrageous considering where technology is now. The service in question is called Gmail Motion. It uses a computer’s web camera to perform actions in Gmail.

To be fair, motion controlled email isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. We’ve seen the kinds of applications that were created with Microsoft’s Kinect, so that kind of functionality with email may surface eventually. For now, Google was just joking around as evidenced in its new video.

In a world where lies and pranks don’t exist, Gmail Motion uses a spatial tracking algorithm to determine what motions you’re making. Want to reply to a message? Point backwards with your thumb. Want to send a message? Just pretend like you’re licking a stamp and putting it down.

Google even created a PDF document of Gmail Motion gestures. Here’s a sample of them.

Gmail gestures

If you try to actually use Gmail Motion, you’ll be greeted with an April Fools message.

Via [Gmail Blog]

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