Gadgetell Review: Trident Case’s Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab case

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What is being reviewed?

When it comes to hard-core, protective cases with sleek and funky design for mobile phones and tablet devices, the first that normally comes into my mind is the Otterbox series case. But that was until I received Trident Case’s Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab case. This two-piece enclosure system for the Galaxy Tab is composed of two parts – the soft silicone layer and a hard polycarbonate outer shell that frames the silicone layer and the Galaxy Tab. The result gives your Galaxy tab a transformed look that is an eye-catcher and attention gather.

Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab Case 1

The specs

But of course it’s not pure eye-candy since this case was made to provide optimum protection for your Galaxy Tab. Hence, it’s provides a fully-encapsulated protection since the silicone layer is in direct contact with your device while the hard polycarbonate shell that frames it provide ample protection from accidental falls and bumps. Adding protective features to the case are the double-thick corners of the case which also serve as bumpers as it has a unique shock-absorbing design. Another feature that you will like about the Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab case is the firm grip that the exposed silicone part provides. If you put place your Galaxy Tab face down on any surface, the silicone extra thickness of the silicone cases prevents the screen from touching the surface.

Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab Case 2

My thoughts

Since, we’re looking at a case with two parts that you need to combine together, the next thing to ask is how easy or hard it is to put on this case. Honestly, it took me quite a while to get a perfect fit. But that’s because of the cut-out portion of the silicon case to to provide access to the different ports and openings of the Galaxy Tab. These cut-outs are not separated from the silicone layer but are still attached to the main part. So you need to make sure that the cut-out part fits right into the cut-out of the hard shell. It can become quite tedious but is certainly worth the hassle since those cut-outs serve as cover for the Galaxy Tab’s essential ports and will prevent dust from seeping in.

The bottomline

The Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab case goes for $39.95. For that price you’ll get a sleek-looking case with a great design and capable of providing your precious Galaxy with the protection it deserves. This case is available in various colors – pink, yellow, blue, black, olive green and red.

Product [Trident Case Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab Case]

Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
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  • Roger

    These cases are fine I guess, and I appreciate the reviews. However, as for a case, I like something simple I can safely store my Galaxy Tab in and then take out when I want to use it. I purchased a simple sleeve from a company I found that makes a pretty good one for this unit and sells them for only $8.95 with free freight at

    By the same token, if anyone knows of where I can buy a hard case (not a sleeve) that is not too expensive for the Galaxy Tab, please let me know.


  • rubenrubert

    This cases are seems very rugged looks. get more cases