Vizio’s new 3D TVs now available for pre-order at Amazon

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Vizio 3D HDTV Last last month, three Vizio 3D TVs appeared on the company’s official site. The TVs come in sizes of 32, 42 and 47-inches. The prices weren’t too bad considering the 32-inch which had a suggested retail price of $549.99. The prices just got better as Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the 32 and 42-inch models.

Vizio’s 32-inch 1080p 3D TV costs $499.99. The 42-inch model is $699.99. These prices are in line with what a tipster told Engadget Walmart would sell the TVs for.

Amazon’s site says the TVs are expected to ship within 3-5 weeks.

Both televisions come with one basic pair of 3D glasses, and one pair of premium 3D glasses. Vizio sells two types of 3D glasses on its site. One costs $29.99 and the other is a whopping $129.99. The more expensive 3D glasses are rechargeable and is capable of providing 1080p HD 3D resolution. The 3D TVs Amazon is selling aren’t capable of 3D in 1080p. If full HD 3D is what you’re after, Vizio is selling those models for around $1,400 to start.

Product Page [32-inch Vizio] Product Page [42-inch Vizio]

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